Titan Aero brokers and logistiscs

Exceptional aviation business service


Registered in 1997, the company is exceptionally dedicated to the aviation business
serving wide range of customers for air transport.
The activities of the company and the clients we serve are:

Aircraft operators
Available Aircraft
Agencies & organizations
Wet Lease
Sport teams
Privаte groups
Freight forwarding companies
Tour operators


Intermediate or consultant in any contractual negotiations and agreements
that has objective to provide aircraft for any third party.

Based on its profound data base, TITAN Aero Brokers and Logistics
can provide information and negotiate on behalf of interested party
for any aircraft to be operated on wet lease basis.
Aircraft with crew are recommended on ACMI price and terms of payment that
can vary in order to satisfy both contractual parties.


Based on its personnel's experience and background, TITAN Aero Brokers and Logistics offers its services in planning, execution and payment settlement of charter flights. Titan ABL offers charter flight both on long term and AD-HOC basis. Also Titan ABL offers flight monitoring - movement reporting, along with all operative procedures in planning a single charter flight or program for multiple flights, namely obtaining clearances, non-objection, sending notifications and requests for over fly, landing, handling, refueling etc.

Main focus of the activities of TITAN Aero Brokers and Logistics is put on the brokerage of air charters. To accomplish this service, Titan ABL relies on its highly experienced staff and its own developed software to provide extensive and updated information on aircraft availabilities, empty capacity and empty leg for aircraft operators, broker companies, freight forwarders and speditions. The sound background of its personnel gives TitanABL sound confidence in performing AD-HOC charter flights with spare parts, humanitarian and relief goods, dangerous goods and live stock, as well as general cargo, machinery and many others.

TITAN Aero Brokers and Logistics can apply on behalf of a third party for any clearance and approval, such as:

 - over fly approvals and clearances
 - landing/handling requests
 - refueling requests
 - application for non objection
 - any other applications in front of Civil Aviation Authorities, Government agencies and commissions

TITAN Aero Brokers and Logistics serves as representative agent and station manager for aircraft operators,