TITAN Aero Brokers and Logistics offers its services in planning, execution and settlement of charter flights, both on long term (charter chains) and AD-HOC basis. Our services include flight monitoring - movement reporting, along with all operative procedures in planning a single charter or flight program for multiple flights, namely obtaining clearances, non-objection, sending notifications and requests for over fly, landing, handling, refueling etc.



Sound experience of more than 20 years in aircraft chartering, representing operations, including but not limited to:

 Passenger charters:

  • tourist groups, mostly back-to-back flights;
  • musical groups/bands, specific origin/destination, under particular schedule;
  • military troops, with or w/o armor, kits and luggage
  • humanitarian crew, including kits and tools, rescue equipment, dogs and others;
  • sports teams
  • others

Aircraft provided for passenger charters vary depending on passenger count and route, ranging from the small 19-seater turboprop (Let410) up to 450 plus seaters (B747). For more details on the aircraft – check Aircraft details or browse from our available aircraft under the corresponding section.

Cargo charters:

  • electrical/communication/measuring equipment
  • mining and drilling equipment and machinery
  • building/construction materials
  • dangerous goods
  • live stock
  • outsized cargo
  • relief/humanitarian goods
  • urgent charters with spare parts and equipment for the automotive industry
  • others

Aircraft used for cargo chartering vary from the small Cessna Cargomaster up to the mighty An225. Aircraft details available below. Availabilities displayed under section Available Airplanes.

For charter request, confirmation on distribution & loadability confirmation (for multiple flights) – send us an email to or give us a call 24/7.

Business/Executive charters

We provide wide range of business/executive aircraft for private flying with exclusive comfort, privacy, security and competitive pricing at top level services, worldwide.

For any request, please give us a call or drop us a line for our immediate response.