We are always looking for pilots – send us your resume to and we will revert to you with current demand;

Delivering full expertise in aircraft management, including dry/wet lease and chartering of aircraft capacity, we brought in our portfolio another precious asset for aircraft operators – crewing.

Being essential part of any operator's structure and assets, we serve aviation crewing with the following products:

Crew management
We provide licensed pilots under group/corporate contract.
Key features:
- ease up the process of selection, employment, administration of crew members;
- simplifies the employment and discharge procedures;
- eliminates compensations for discharge;
- saves cost (usually associated with social/wealth/pension);

Pilots are our employees provided under corporate contract for pilot services. List of pilots along with particular package for each is given in Annex to the corporate contract, which is amended as per the operational needs of the operator. Payments are done based on invoice for provided services over a given period (monthly), while package is adjusted as to reflect the remuneration package provided by the operator. Side arrangements (hotac/travel/equipment) are handled on request.
Pilots are provided on continuous contract, month on/month off or under revolving periods annually to match peaks in aircraft utilization.

Crew management serves both pilots already employed with us or operator's own pilots recruited with us and provided back under corporate contract (both personal and corporate contract tailored as to best suit operator's needs and policy).

Crew recruitment and assessment
Based on given profile (type rating, certification, hours or other) – we provide list of suitable candidates, do the preliminary selection, handle particular questionnaires, interviews or other as might be required for further proceeding of a given candidate. Upon request, simulator assessment or other procedures can be included in the process as to follow given (Operator's) policy or requirements (authority or other).

Crew rostering and reporting
We provide web based solutions for crew rostering and crew reporting. Management of crew duty/rest times, including any travel/transfer times, monthly production (hours/landings), monthly and annual leave for single or multiple crew members, monthly reports and figures, crew questionnaires or return or flight docs is provided in efficient and flexible application being a click away from you any time, at any place.